A dashingly handsome man in a brown leather jacket and sparkling glasses looking at the camera with a big pretentious smile while crossing his arms. As if he were a CEO or something, but a minimum wage grad student in reality. A blurred university building is in the background. As if he is flexing on his degree, but he doesn't believe in degrees -- what an irony!! See Midjourney generated image on this prompt: bit.ly/3KX0Db8

I am a 4th year Ph.D. student at ROC-HCI Lab, University of Rochester, NY supervised by Prof. Ehsan Hoque. My current research is making Large Language Model-driven affective virtual humans.

Prior to this I worked at Department of CSE, BUET on NLP for programming languages.


  • Currently building SAPIEN Coach, a new paradigm for online learning with AI.
  • I created Text2App, a framework that can turn a natural language text into functional Android applications.
  • I created an introductory Machine Learning course in my native language Bengali that dives into theory, practice, and intuition behind neural networks. (Email me for free access)
Masum Hasan 🔊

m.hasan 🌖 rochester.edu
PhD Student, Computer Science
University of Rochester



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